Main Conference: Day 2

NeurIPS 2023, Wednesday 13th December

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Just a quick update, covering today’s invited talks. One more daily update to follow tomorrow, and then a competitions write-up sometime next week.

Sketching: core tools, learning-augmentation, and adaptive robustness

Jelany Nelson presented an introduction to Sketching, a variety of algorithms and data structures that compress data in way that is lossy but still allows for answering specific questions about the data with particular guarantees.

One simple motivating example is the desire to keep track of the k most frequent items in a stream of data, with memory usage scaling sublinearly in the total number of unique items in the stream. This can be solved using data structures like CountSketch with low memory usage, great update time, low failure probability, but slow query time. More recent methods improve on this with better asymptotic performance but bad constant factors.

Professor Jelany Nelson presenting a slide on Heavy hitters

These data structures also turn out to be useful for other problems, like speeding up interior point methods in linear programming, and potential improvements to the standard Attention mechanism in deep learning (as discussed in a recent paper introducing HyperAttention).

Jelany introduced some other tools like random projections and matrix sketching, shared an intuition of the hashing tricks and other methods that tend to be useful in this field, and gave a brief overview of the relevance to learning augmentation and adaptive robustness.

LLMs: Beyond Scaling

The afternoon panel on Beyond Scaling was moderated by Sasha Rush, and featured three speakers at the cutting edge of LLMs: Aakanksha Chowdhery, Angela Fan, and Percy Liang.

Beyond Scaling: Architectures and Engineering, Data and Alignment, Evaluation and Transparency, Creators and Contributors

The discussion was dense with insights about LLM development. A few highlights:

One useful resource that was mentioned is Angela Fan’s video on Llama 2.

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